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If you are in need to transport a piano, start by remembering what this instrument means to you. It is not only a subject of the interior,it is a fragile and delicate mechanism that requires longer time and higher standards when moving this musical instrument. It is advised to use professionals when moving delicate items and not to try and do it yourself.

It is important to do it with extra care to avoid any damages. After moving the piano, it is required to not use them straight away, but let to ‘relax’. Piano tuning can be required, after moving this complex piece of furniture. The best time for tuning would be one week after the moving process.

Before choosing a removal company or man with a van, make sure you know enough about company’s specialization and experience.

Bristol-based company BRISTOL CITY REMOVALS will provide a professional and responsible attitude towards your goods. The company has several years of experience, specifically in piano transporting. The staff are polite,punctual,hard working with a great sense of responsibility and always happy to help.