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If there is ever a need to move house, organising the belongings and compactly packing them, without forgetting anything important, can be one of the most tricky parts in the whole process.  


The most important items.

Items that are essential for starting a new day, such as phones, laptops, diaries, chargers, wallets, keys, important documents, medicine and of course,clothing and hygiene products, should not be packed in big boxes amongst other belongings, but in a separate, well-defined and easy- to- find place.


Household Appliances.

The household appliances such as fridge, freezer and washing machine, is desirable to power off the previous day. In particular,freezers and fridges must be emptied from products and should be defrosted at room temperature.



One of the most operational ways to quickly pack clothes are taking them with all  hangers and putting in large film bags to avoid spending much time on unpacking. Also, the clothes will be ready to use without ironing.


Trivia and stuff.

Anyone who experienced the relocation process,will know how it feels to come across situations where minor details, such as screws,which belong to a specific piece of furniture fitting, has been lost. To avoid such unexpected difficulties, seal details in separate plastic bags with an explanation to which particular piece of furniture they belong to (kitchen shelf, cabinet, bed, etc.).